Hey I'm about to start my first PC build to upgrade my studio - and i know they're cheap...like 7 bucks, but i try to save money any way i can, and i was wondering if there's an alternative to Anti-Static gloves/wrist strap, like maybe just rubber gloves? or anything i can tie around my wrist and attach to the computer? If anyone has ideas let me know, if not i guess i'll just stop bein cheap and buy one.
usually you wont have a problem with static. so you can get by without them but theres always the chance that you'll fry something without them. Its a low risk gamble to do work without an esd mat and bracelet but when you fry expensive equipment and the company you bought it from refuses refund you will wish you coughed up the money.
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just make sure your skin touches the bare metal on the computer and its basically the same thing....
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I've built 4 PC's and have never used one. No problems. If its something your gonna be doing on a regular basis, then get some, if not, then no.
I've built LOADS of computers and worked on Mac's and PC's since the 80's - never used em.
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never used them, never a problem but if you are really worried about static keep a metal thing to touch every time before you touch a piece of the pc you are building.
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Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
Touching the bare metal on the chasis will usually be enough, however, I was trained at IBM (many moons ago) and they pretty much insist the you also touch the chassis with part of the inside of the anti-static bag of the component that you are installing as well - I always do it out of habit - most desktop engineers seldom bother at all to be honest cos desktops are so cheap these days and if the component doesn't work out of the box they can change it under warranty etc anyway.

I had to use them when doing training, but have never used them since.

Though do avoid rubbbing balloons on your head/your feet on the carpet etc.....
you really don't need one, I work with computers a lot and the only time I needed anti static stuff was when I was doing hard drive restoration.
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