im geting a new acoustic soon, but i wanted to learn some stuff on my old one so if youve got any good fingerpicking songs i can learn, thatd be far out.
Learn the intro to Crazy On You by Heart. Its pretty awesome. Oh and if you're into blues try some Robert Johnson. 32-20 Blues is good if you don't want to change your tuning
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PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON is a good start,, then do a quick ontro of ..WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS..... good luck
I don't know if you have heard of Stephen Lynch but he has some easy songs that are finger picked. Just to name a few easy ones, Lullaby(the divorce song),(parts of of) Little Tiny Mustash, and Special Olympics. Don't play them in front of mommy though.
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Breezy from Final Fantasy 8 (video game) is a fun finger picking song, one of my favorite, and not toooo hard
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tears in heaven by Eric Clapton is pretty easy

also try out more than words by either Extreme or Westlife. i prefer the Westlife version. both sound nice though.

+1 on crazy on you by heart.

Classical Gas is flippin intense too. give it a shot. lol
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Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits

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nothing else matters (metallica) isn't very hard and stairway to heaven (led zeppelin)
aren't just fingerpicking but are very cool songs (i'm new in UG)
oohh I forgot dust in the wind (kansas)
well that's all I can remember until now