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On sept 16 2009 my best friend was reported missing.
After going to his home that night to find him, another friend told me he went to boston unexpectedly.i found it hard to believe but had no choice.on sept 18 2009 another friend called me and told me they were taking joes body out of the lake that he lived on,he was 45.Today his wife gave me his guitar knowing how much i loved joe and how much his guitar would mean to me.the guitar is not awesome but i will cherish it forever, here are some pics.

RIP Joe Covino
RIP Joe, cherish that guitar always, never let anything bad happen to it.
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RIP Joe :[
HNGD tho.
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At first I thought the story was going to turn into a joke considering this is UG, but wow, shred with that thing
Sorry about your friend. Hope you're doing all right.

HNGD though.
Now it is your job to let out the soul that guitar no doubt has pent up inside.
Touching story, sorry about the loss. But, HNGD.
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Quote by Vlasco
Now it is your job to let out the soul that guitar no doubt has pent up inside.

I'm waiting for the day this guy is on the news, with that guitar, and people are freaking about how they see the ghost of 'some dude' behind him whenever he plays.

In all seriousness though, you have my condolences for his death. Cherish that guitar always.
Wow that's sad, I got shivers down my back reading it.
Happy new guitar day...?

Treat her well. Joe would be proud with the sounds you will produce out of her
Thats sad, RIP Joe.
Make a song for him, something beautiful! HNGD
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Wow, sorry for your loss. Play that guitar for him.

You can call me Aaron.

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Sorry for your loss bro. That's rough.

Cherish the guitar. Play the shit out of it. And sorry for your losses
sorry for your loss. i'm sure he played the hell out of it and now you should too

my uncle passed away and i was told i would recieve his equipment. i never saw his rickenbackers again. i think his friends pawned them. i'm sure his friends just saw them as quick cash, but thats a piece of him i'll miss. it's great you got the guitar and all the memories with it. RIP Joe
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May he RIP and live on through your memories and playing! Keep that guitar close to you!
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Sad new gear day, sorry about your loss.
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My sincerest condolences.

Keep her tuned up, play her often.
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thanks everyone.gonna have it set up tomorrow,in the pic you can see he broke the high e string.action needs to be lowered as well.
This is tragic, I'm so sorry for your loss. Play with that guitar as though he were standing right beside you: With his memory, and no doubt his passion for the guitar.

Again, My condolences. SNGD
Thats a damn shame man, play that guitar with all your soul and think of Joe while you are doing it...R.I.P Joe
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because I ain't ever going to no other side,
there ain't no heaven and there ain't no hell,
but I am a sinner so it's all just as well
Damn dude, I am really sorry for your loss. Let him rest in peace and may you pay tribute to him by playing that guitar. I hope all will be fine in the future as I know (have been trough something similar) at the moment you aren't. Cherish it, play it, cry and than smile. It's all you can do really... I hope she plays great.
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Quote by SeeEmilyPlay
Awesomeness! Congrats on your new addition!

did you actually read his post?
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Quote by SeeEmilyPlay
Awesomeness! Congrats on your new addition!

You're a dick
Sorry for your loss, hopefully the guitar will give you a little bit of joy.

Quote by SeeEmilyPlay
Awesomeness! Congrats on your new addition!

Wow, way to be an asshole.
That sucks, dude. What a cruddy way to get a new guitar. My condolences. Hope you find a way to enjoy the instrument somehow anyway.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took time to read my post.
Thankyou for all the great words of encouragement.
I am actually not going to play it much,I have it mounted on my living room wall so every one can see it. When i am old I intend to give it to his son who is only 7 now,maybe when hes around 25.
Once again thanks.
I'm sorry to hear that.

Beautiful guitar though.
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Ahh, just a little thing here, but I suppose you could make a band out of the old strings on his guitar. A crap idea I know

Sorry about everything dude, keep that guitar always.
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Touching story man, make sure you play the crap out of that guitar and cherish it always...

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Sorry about your loss
Keep the guitar always.

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Sorry to hear that man

And do pass that on to his son, make sure that that piece of him stays in his family.
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Damn man that sucks

Keep on to that guitar for ever
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