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So.. today, I'm going to start an overly ambitious Project that could amount to nothing, or it could somehow strike a sub-internet deposit of oil that could be sold for millions. I'd settle for anything in the middle.

What's this project you speak of?

Why- thanks for asking! This Project (Yes. Capital "P". It's the way it's gotta be.) is going to involve me, a microphone, various instruments, a computer, and 365 calender days. Luckily, next year isn't a leap year, as that would just screw with the whole plan, because who really wants to do something for a year and one day? No one! Well, no one besides rapper T.I..

The title of this Project is just going to be called The Project. No overly pretentious name or grand concept. I mean, if I had a master plan, I'd certainly come up with an epic name for it, alas, I do not.

Everyday, I'm just going to try and record something, whether it should be a song or just a little snippet of an idea, and then post an mp3 of it. Everything will be available free for download.

If I ever do record a song during this year, I'll have two versions of it: Low Quality (96 kbps) & High Quality (320 kbps). The High Quality one will probably cost 99¢ or less. Streaming of the High Quality songs on MySpace, iLike, PureVolume, etc. will be available of course!

I figured I'd start it on October 10th, 2009 so that I'd finish on 10/10/10. The cool factor of The Project just went up by two points right there.

The first installment will be posted later tonight.

Good day.

P.S. I'll also be trying to post a photo a day to my Flickr account as well. Yeah, The Project is way too ambitious.

So, it's been over a month, and I have 22 songs recorded, on the internet, ready for free downloading!

I'll be posting every week with a batch of seven new and original songs!

To download the full album, .
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