OK guys, I was just at my local GC and purchased a Hellraiser C-1. The only one they had in stock had a lot of scratches on the back of it from people trying it out so I had them look around for one still in a box.
They ended up finding one from the online website warehouse. It'll ship directly to my house. I took advantage of their food drive where you get 10% off.

Questions: For those of you who had guitars sent in the mail, how good is the packaging it comes in? Do I need to be worried about it coming damaged? And will they just leave it at the back door if nobody is home?

Can't wait to get this freakin thing!!!
Dont worry if its damaged, even though that would be upsetting all you'd have to do is take pictures straight away, and sort something out with either GC or the mailing company
Right then. I'll use my experiences with Royal Mail and Parcelforce.

Guitars coming from guitar businesses are, 99% of the time, packaged brilliantly. As in, no movement of the guitar is allowed in the box. Plus they have hoards of these boxes and packaging materials.

In the UK, you would have to sign for the package or if you've given special permission to the postage company in question, your neighbour can sign for it. If there's no one there to sign for it, they'll leave a note saying that they tried to deliver it, but no one was about to receive the package and you'll have to go and fetch it from your local post office/depot.

Hope that helps!
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