Ive got my old Iphone for sale, still got its case, documents etc, plus as an added bonus its still under warrenty and will include all paper work so if anything goes wrong then you can drop it to your local apple store and they will replace it for you.

sadly the charger and usb cable were nicked, ive managed to get hold of a replacement charger though but sadly not usb, but these are fairly easy to come by. theres one cosmetic flaw which is a slight scratch on the back but it doesnt affect the phone.

Ill Thrown in leather 'flip book' case too which has never been used but just taken out of the packaging once, and also one of the clear plastic cases which is quite well used but still does an amazing job of protecting the phone.

looking for £125 shipped anywhere in the UK and will provide pics if theres any interest. just cash please though, many thanks
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