hey everyone,
so i forgot to turn my orange ad5 combo off after i was done playing and left it on standby for like an hour before i remembered it was still on. I turned it off but now when i turn it back on, the orange light either wont glow or will on glow momentarily or will glow along with my playing. However the amp still gives off sound and sounds normal, if not better. Did i screw something up and break the light somehow and is there a way i can fix it? or should i just leave it go and let it sit for a while and it should work again?

Sounds like you have a very nasty, hard to fix problem called "bulb burning out."

You can find a replacement bulb at radio shack and replace it yourself. It might even just be the connection to the bulb, either way it's easy enough to fix.
If you've never worked inside a tube amp before, take it to a tech, they'll be able to fix it very quickly and won't charge you much.
thanks...do you know how i would find out where there connection is and tell if its bad or even how to change the bulb? Sorry im new to this stuff
Don't open your amp, it's quite dangerous if you don't know your way around them. You can take it to a guitar or electronics shop, they can fix it very quickly for you. The fact that it goes in and out as you play makes me think that it just heated up a bit when you left it on for a long time and the connection is a bit spotty.