Well i was looking around for a web site i can use to write my own tabs. Im looking for somthing similar to how power tab or guitar pro works, only where i dont have the option of plugging in my electric and having the computer generate the note. The closest thing to what im looking for is basically a blank guitar tab with 6 strings, where i can load the fret numbers onto the tab then print the finished tab, rather than print out the blank tab and write the fret numbers by hand. (my handwriting is frighteningly horrible , and i cant write anywhere near as small as i have to in order to actually read the tab later) Anyways, so far i've been looking for a website that may have this function in HTML or java, and i've very briefly searched (google) for a small program i can download which is small enough to fit on my USB Flash drive. Does anybody know of anything like this out there that you dont have to purchase a program or have a solid setup for ?(ie, my "Noise Room" and computer room are 2 floors apart)

If anyone could get back to me either by this thread or by Email that would be an amazing help. My email is mmac64@hotmail.com