Hi everyone.

I've recently been thinking about purchasing an esp mh-400 ltd. I've been playing the same Ibanez for 10 years so I'm pretty clueless about esp.

I noticed the headstock on some mh-400s are black, and some are blue. Is this a sign of the year it was made, or the location or both?

The one at the store I'll probably be buying from has a blue headstock. Is this the newer model? And regardless, is it the one I should be going for or should I seek out the black headstock.

Or does it really matter?

A second question I have (this is for esp-heads)... does the mh-400 play open chords well? I play a lot of metal, but often resort to just strumming basic open chords in clean if I'm recording something. I've played the one at the store a bit (the EMG 85 bridge pickup suits me fine), but I'm still a bit hazy on the issue as I haven't had much to compare it with in the past.

Thanks. =]
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It should be fine for open chords. As far as the headstock goes if they are the exact same guitar they are probably just different colors for people's preferences. Ask the dealer.
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Colour headstock depends on the year it was made I would think, blue painted headstock seems to be the current thing on the ESP site (for the MH-401) so I guess the model you are looking at is pretty recent. But yeah the colour doesn't matter much as well anyway.

As for open chords you'll be fine mate the most problem you'll have is with getting the guitar into an open tuning with the bridge.
Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, I'm not really concerned with the color per se, just the year it was made (and thus where it was built).

I had my eye on a LTD KH-202 as well, but it seems very, very similar to the MH-400 except for the pickups. Unfortunately though, no guitar store near me has them in stock right now so I can't sample one for myself.

I'm guessing the MH is the more versatile guitar, although I couldn't say which is the easiest to play. Anyone have any experience with these two guitars?
MH400 blows the KH202 out of the water.
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yeah. The older models had black headstocks and black floyds. New ones have crome trems and blue headstock.
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