This is not any kind of a vs. thread. I'm just curious to know what makes the necks different, which you prefer, and why. I'm buying a Les Paul and don't know which neck to go for. Thanks.
The 50's is a bit thicker in shape and the 60's is a bit thinner and flatter. I personally prefer the 60's.
I have the 50's neck on my guitar and I really like it a lot.
I'd say if you have pretty big hands like me, a 50's might be more comfortable.
But if you have small/medium hands, the 60's necks might be better.

50's = thicker
60's = thinner than 50's but not Jackson thin by any means

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i used to like the 60s neck on my lp when i was younger. now i get hand cramps if i play it for too long
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