Ok i've been playing a v for awhile now, and i've also been trying to sweep pick. Does it seem likely that playing a v is hindering me from sweep picking? I was thinking that because of the way v's play and how you have to hold it when you sit down, that maybe the way the guitar sits, it's messing up my sweep picking. I was thinking this i've been trying to sweep on my v for awhile, but i also played my friend's guitar (don't know what it was but it sits normally) and i could sweep pick just fine. Do you think that the v shape and the way it sits is messing up my sweep picking? Or maybe i just need to work on my sweep picking? The main problem i'm having is that the strings are ringing, though my left and right hands are moving at the same time, and they're alined right. Could it be my guitar? Is it sloppy sweep picking? Any help will be appreciated.
Not even a little bit. A V is held in Classical position when sitting, which is even better for your technique. You just suck. Practice more.
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when I first started playing in classical position I too felt some weirdness with sweeping, but within a week or two I got used to it. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed/dropped and that you are using proper posture.

Watch Freepower's posture lesson;