how hard is it to a electric stuff newb, to build a 2x12 cab?

is there any tutorial for it? already have a celestion vintage 30 but it's 16ohms will it work in a 2x12? thanks
it's not very hard if you have basic woodworking skills.. (by that, I mean you can cut plywood relatively straight, can measure and cut bracing for it, and can competently use a small hand drill and screwdriver)

search for the 'cab building tutorial'. it'll give you a basic guide on what you're doing.

what kind of load does your amp need?
with a 16 ohm speaker, you can wire another 16 ohm in parallel, to get 8 ohms. thats the only wiring configuration you'll really find useful in a case like this
Well, the head is a valveking 112 that has a 16ohm speaker.

So that means that i have to use a combination of 2 to make 16ohms right? i used to know this physics stuff but i forgot... thanks for the input
a pair of 8ohm speakers in series will give you 16ohms total. but see if your head has multiple impedance outputs/settings.
nope, only 16.. which means my 16ohm celestion is useless for a 2x12 in the same amp?