Hey guys
What are the best softwares for recording or composing music..
I use acoustica beatcraft and mixcraft and it works great for me..
Fl studio is okay...
id like to hear about other programs and what equipments are best..
Audacity i find is very simple and user-friendly
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for me, the "top" programs are Ableton Live, Sonar, Pro Tools and Cubase. I personally use Sonar and Pro Tools. These are all the industry caliber DAWs...for a beginner Audacity is free and basic, but Reason is primarily a synth program...it creates but it cannot record. To fix this, Propellerhead came out with Record.

Check out the Riffs and Recording forum...theres a whole sticky on it.
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Reason is quiet good

+1 and sonar.
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reaper is free and it's awesome for me
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Audacity i find is very simple and user-friendly

Audacity is pretty awful to be honest. There are way better programs like Reaper that are also free.

Anyway, Cubase for me.
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Isn't reaper free for 30 days?
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Isn't reaper free for 30 days?

Yeah, but it maintains full functionality even after that.

I use logic - it works, is layed out fairly well, it's user friendly and it's reasonably bug free (finally!)

I have used cubase, I didn't get on with it as well as I do with logic but it's perfectly acceptable. I like pro tools, but I don't like the way they monopolise all of their hardware - lack of competition can only be a bad thing for the consumer. Reaper is pretty good for what it costs, but I much prefer logic.
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