I currently have a 9watt amp that has a 6.5 inch speaker. It came with the guitar pack I got. It has no effects, just the standard knobs. I looking for an upgrade and i am looking into better solidstate amps such as the peavy vyper 15, etc. The thing is, i play in my room so i don't want a huge amp, i'm more focused on improving the sound quality and tone.

I just want to know if it is worth it to upgrade from my current to an amp such as the peavy vyepr or a line 6. I want to keep it to 15 maybe 20 watts.

If anyone has suggestions for other amps, i will take the advice.
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if you are just starting out, I would go for the vypyr over the spider. The vypyr has a ton of effects and sounds decent for the price. My first amp was a spider III, and like most people here will tell you, eventually you will realize the tone is awful, it also died after a year.

If you want to look for tube amps, look at the Vox Ac4TV and the Bugera V5. Im not sure what you play, but for blues and low gain rock, I would take either the vox or the bugera over the vypyr. And realize that wattage on a tube amp is not the same as wattage on a solid state amp. A 5 watt tube amp is plenty loud for a bedroom, probably louder than a 15 watt solid state

Up to you though, go play as many as you can

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When you say Line 6, I'm guessing you're thinking about a Spider?
Vypyr > Spider. MUCH more versatile (or rather, the Spider isn't at all), and IMO sounds a lot better.

EDIT: I just thought after I posted, if you're willing to spend just a bit more than a Vypyr costs, you can get a Vox VT series amp. They're amazing for the price. That's definitely what I'd go for at your budget.
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i second the vyper. i had a spider III, neat at first, but really crappy after that.

i dont care much for a small (<5w) tube amps for bedroom play. still very loud, plus i think the small speaker makes it sound worse than it should.
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Well personaly, i think that the vyper sucks! I have played it at guitar center many times. And i have never gotten a "good" sound/tone out of it. The amp has such a digital sound, as well as the line 6. I would suggest, based on your gear, a vox or fender amp. both have great versatity and tone.
What do you play?
Where are you located?
What is your budget?
Willing to consider used amps?
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I would suggest the Super ($300) or Vibro ($200) Champ XD. If you are looking for metal or want to stay at around $100 then the Vypyr 15 is the way to go.
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What do you play?
Where are you located?
What is your budget?
Willing to consider used amps?

This. We can't really help you out unless you answer these questions.

Vypyr 30>Vypyr 15 imo

The 30 has a 12" speaker opposed to an 8" speaker (which I personally think sounds better). The 30 also has more stompbox models, MIDI capabilities, and can be used in conjunction with the Sanpera footswitch.

With that said, there are better amps on the market than the Vypyr if you're willing to go used.
i play metal, metalcore
budget is $200. thats why i'm looking into the vypyr. but i might look into some small tube amps.
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I picked up a used(almost new) Vox AD30VT-XL which is the high gain model. Great amp. 30 watts, 12" speaker and I only ended up paying $20 more than what the vypyr 15 would have cost me new. Heres some pics. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1226874

Hope to get some clips soon, but this thing is gear more towards metal, although through tweaking and lowering my pickups a tad, I can get some good classic sounds out of it too.
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