first off i posted this in another section by mistake..my apologies for double posting it lol

I have always wanted to do this since I started playing guitar decently, and my band started gigging regularly. Say what you want about my color/style choices, but I'm bought a custom painted Berry Pink telecaster body, complimented by a checkered pattern pickguard(with no neck pickup). It is also going to have 1 single humbucker in the bridge, and one volume knob. All Black Hardware. I already have some parts for this build, and I need to make sure I order everything else I need in one shot, so I dont double pay for shipping.

What I have :
1. Guitar Body
2. Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Bridge Pickup
3. Pickguard

What I am Ordering:
1. Black Humbucker Bridge
2.Blank(No Holes) Black Tele Control Plate(to be drilled for the one volume knob)
3.Black Neckplate(with screws)
4. Black Tele String Ferrules
5. Black Strap Buttons
6. Black Circular tele string retainer
7. Black Pickguard Screws
8. rosewood Tele neck
9. Black tuners
10. 500k pot
11. 1/4" mono output jack
12. black tele knobs(set of 2)
13. Spool of guitar hook-up wire (i have wired many guitars before, and i realize i only really need this to wire the output jack, and the ground..but its only 7$ for about 100ft so whatever)
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sounds good. just make sure you get the smallest of parts. i always seem to forget just simple screws. screws for the pickguard and for the humbucker's mounting ring.

EDIT: i saw you had the screws lol must have skipped that. do you have a mounting ring already, or are you mounting straight to the body?
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