I've got a peavy 6505+ halfstack with its matching cab which i plug into a noise supressor, delay, phase shifter, and wah, then to my guitar, a gibson sg, or my jackson rr5. It gets a lot of buzz on the lead channel. However, what is weird is that if i tap the monster cable where it plugs in from the amp to my noise suppresser pedal i can get the noise to drastically reduce, but not really get any sort of noise reduction out of my pedal (Boss NS-2). And if i somehow bump the chord or my pedal a little it goes back to being noisy as hell until i tap it and mess with it some. Is this my amp, my pedal, my cable or what?? Thanks.
First just plug straight into the amp. mess with the cord. If the noise appears. Then try a different cord. If it is still there, it is the amp. Same with the pedal. Try using a different lead and mess with the pedal too.

You might just have to remove each piece of gear, piece by piece.
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Sounds like there's either a problem with the cable that you're using or there's either a problem with the input jack of your NS-2 or there is an internal issue.