I have two Douglas Viola Bass Guitars for sale. One is black and the other maple tiger flamed. The black one has a small chip on the very top and the maple tiger flamed has one on the back side at the very bottom. Both are in places that are barely noticeable and it is the only negative on either bass. Both are in great condition and only about 6 months old. The black bass has a set of brand new GHS black nylon flatwound strings. The maple tiger flamed has a brand new set of La Bella Deep Talkin' flatwound strings. I will also throw in a set of D'Addario short scale nickel wound strings for each bass. The basses retail at Rondo for $145. I am selling them for $100.00 each, firm, plus shipping. The only reason I'm selling is because I stumbled upon an unbelievable deal on a Hofner viola bass and I need to sell these to help pay for the Hofner. Besides that, if I come home with one more bass without a way to pay for it, I might end up in divorce court! PM me or email if you are interested in either one.