I'm going to get a new amp soon. I play mainly classic rock (Zeppelin, AC/DC, Hendrix, Queen), blues, and some metal (not much though) I am thinking about getting an Egnater Rebel 20. Is this a good choice? Can I get from Queen, Hendrix, etc. cleans to Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc. overdrive? Is there a better amp choice in that amp range? ($400-$700)

I've also heard the Egnater cab isn't very good. What would be a good (preferebly 1x12, as they are less expensive) cab choice?
I'll pretend I can mod your amp but break it instead.
I hear great things from the Egnater. Look into the PGS reviews of the Vox Night Train. I think you would like it. Or the Tiny Terror. Or even the new Dual Terror.