hi,i recently bought a tab book of cacophony,and i`ve copied and arranged a complete tab for "savage" the first song on their first record.
i`ve tabbed 2 guitars (marty and jason) with everything in the song,plus an extra guitar that is there for some harmonies,chords.
i dont want to publish this tab yet,as i want it to be PERFECT.
meaning the bass and drums duties have to be in it.
if someone is familiar with the song,and can pull off the job (if you can do just one of them,thats good too),please contact me here and leave your email.

p.s: if you cant help me and just want the tab,i suggest you`ll help me here (ask on other places ,etc`) so this awesome tab will see the world wide web!

thank you.
Hey man, i would like to help with the cacophony music arrangements. I'm primarily a piano player and have learned how to score considerably okay. Contact me on