so, as any other Classic 30, 50, or in my case, Delta blues owner has experienced tons of tube rattle

now, mine is a newer model with the Cage protecting the tubes, so the "tube tamer" thing won't fit

how the hell do I stop it?

it wasn't a problem until now but I have a couple gigs coming up


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Jeremy Clarkson is a knob.
Pics? My 30 has a cage, and Tom's Tube Tamer still fits.

Also - the Tube Tamer is a pretty simple concept. You should be able to make your own and fit it to your DB.
My tube tamer wouldn't fit with my Classic 30's cage, so I ended up removing the cage. It sucks because you have to be extra careful with your amp, but you should be taking very good care of your equipment anyway.

If you have access to the proper tools and if the tube tamer just barely does not fit inside the cage, you could cut off some of the pipe (for example, a half-moon shape instead of a full circle). You should probably check the distances before mutilating your tube tamer though.