Thats what I want to make a copy of. How could I make a inlay at the 12th fret like that though?

Is there a website that I can order a RG body from, or am I gonna have to get a strat body, sharpen the horns, and route for a Edge pro, or just start with blanks and make it even more special?
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could just buy an ibanez RG cheapo model but with decent wood, and get a new neck and fingerboard for it. Route and paint it to taste.

There is probably a few RG bodies on ebay.
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If you trust yourself, make a template out of MDF... and start with blanks.

If you don't think the extra effort is worth it, then buy a body.. there are loads around. I mean, if you plan on routing it the same as a £40 body that's available, and your wood's going to cost you £40... might as well buy it, juno?

Edit: I've PM'd a link to you.
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