Hey, new to UG and first post. (Also not entirely sure I'm posting in the right section). Just wanting to see what other people think I Should do about getting a new guitar. Been Looking at two (but open to other suggestions), Both Ibanez.
One is the SZR720 Transparent Grey Burst and the Other is the JS100. Looking to Spend around £500 but would go a little (£50-ish) higher or lower if it got me the quality. Currently got an Ibanez RG350DX and its been brilliant, will keep it but fancy a bit of an upgrade. So, any Suggestions? Anyone actually used either of those guitars?
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Why do you randomly capitalize words? It's annoying to read >_<

and also, i would probably pick the js100. havn't played the other, but the js100 seems to be a pretty solid guitar
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What kind of amp are you playing on?

And what genres do you like?
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The JS100 has basically the same specs as the RG, but with an S shape...

and the SZR720 is really nice, but sortof Les Paul feeling, with a set neck.

2 completely different guitars. Seeing as how you already have a shred machine, I'd go with the SZR.
haha i love how the first post everyone does when they join ug is ... "Which guitar should i get?"
Well you gotta decide between having the Edge III (I think) bridge or having a t.o.m. Your RG already has got an Edge III so maybe you should get the SZR720 to have the chance to experience with alternate tunings without needing to setup the whole guitar again.
First off - no idea, just did. Suppose posting at 4 in the morning didn't help. Will make sure grammar and punctuation is correct in my posts from Now on.

Secondly, cheers.

Thirdly, using it through either a Kustom KGA10 (first amp I ever got) or a Marshall MG15FX. If it's getting used at a gig or practice rooms it'll most likely be through a Behringer V-Ampire Lx112. I play mostly instrumental rock - Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen. Oh, also play hard rock, funk and blues occasionally.

Also, Like the look of the RGA121 but not too keen on the other one, btw suggestions haven't got to be Ibanez anything similar is appreciated.