Howdy all!

I was just asking to see if I was going about getting a country twang the right way.

I have a pretty good amp, but I'm not gonna be able to get a vintage one for the proper sound any time soon. So, short of getting a tele, I was thinking that I would mod my strat so that the middle coil tone pot also worked for my bridge pickup. Then, my tutor told me that I could get a treble bleed cap to get a really good country twang out of the pickup, and also make it sound better at lower volumes.

Can anyone offer any input on this?
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I rewired my strat copy with GFS rail pickups. I rewired my 5 way and my middle pickup is out of phase, so when its on middle + neck, I get a real twangy sound out of it. I can also coil split each pickup so they are in single coil mode, and out of phase they are pretty humcancelling and still real twangy. Maybe try your middle pickup out of phase and see how you like that sound when you're in position 4. They're single coil pickups, so all you'll have to do is rewire the two wires coming from the middle pickup to switch the ground and lead wire around. It will be a thin sound but may be what you're after. Other option is to rewire the 5 way so you get bridge + neck and wire one of them out of phase. Won't be as thin as the pickups are further away but may 'twang' you up a bit. lol.
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Modding your strat so the middle also works with the tone knob would just get rid of the treble if you turn it down, it dosen't actually add any treble or twang.

A treble bleed mod is simply a very small capacitor between two of the lugs on your volume pot which lets higher frequencies bypass when the volume is lower so you don't lose high end, but unless you do prefer to roll back the guitar volume instead of your amps this would be pointless.

You could get some higher value pots to make your strat have a brighter sound. Like a 1meg would make it ear piercing but you get what I'm saying.
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Teles sound different from strats mostly because the bridges are built differently, the pickups are constructed different and the (bridge) pickups are mounted differently. Changing the treble cut tone control or adding a treble bleed network to the volume control won't get your strat sounding like a tele.
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