ok about a week ago i made this fun riff with my seven string tuned down low. i wasnt 100% happy with it and some fellas on here were nice enough to review it and suggest i record more than one gtr track. ive got 3 on this mix, 66% left and right, and one centered. and the drums are centered.

i used the same setting on my electric drums but i somehow changed the snare and the kick and i couldnt find the ones i was using before. kinda pissed because those sounded a lot better. again i used the mic on the boss micro br to record from the crate amp. EVERY ONE of my knobs had changed since i last recorded and i finally found what i though my tone was a week ago, but on this recording, it sounds like i scooped the mids on everything. i promise you i didnt! i quit doing that a few years ago. i think maybe i should have increased the volume on all of the tracks, because i think it sounds a little warmer on the first recording. but i just wanted to know if anyone felt theres an improvement from the original and this one.

just follow the link in my sig. be as harsh as you like.

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