alright im not gonna lie, i love these two, they have toens oef tonez ive never heard anywhere else or even close
but with the recent firing and major gassing for an m13 and jc60 im sacrificing some stuff yo
so heres these guys, ill consider some trades but id prefer some cash yo
bass is a knock off, im sure........
well ok the body and tuners are, the neck might be for real but idk. it's got some of the beastliest lipstick style pups in it ive ever heard
guitar is all original, no mods nothing, electronics work perfectly but pots are a little scratchy (its from the 60s what do you expect?)
guitar $270ish shipped
bass $230ish
or just make an offer, you guys know i listen to everything :idk:

this is the amp from a 1964 Conn organ, it still has some of the original tubes in it!
more pics coming for this guy soon
don't know what to ask for this guy, make an offer

Yamaha Musashi snare w/ evans genera dry, slightly used
really really really nice snare, one of my favorites, google it if you don't believe me
$170 shipped

more pics upon request, any and all questions answered
PM or email.......hell call me if you have my number
email izzzzzzzzzzzz honkytonksamurai@yahoo.com
PM button is over there
i don't have a huge post count here but i can link you to forums that have people that love me and my selling rep <3