"Lucidity" and "Ballad of Mom and Dad" in my profile. Extra credit to anyone who can guess the story of "Ballad" correctly


Very rough, 1st cuts, so please keep that in mind. That said, if they suck @ss, tell me, 'cause I don't want to waste my time polishing a turd.

Thanks a bunch in advance, and just leave me a link for you stuff before you leave

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mom and dad was great i loved it

i enjoy the happy chords with depressing lyrics
- is it about a man who was shipped off to war, died, and the wife couldnt bear it so she shot herself?

ive got some songs on my profile check it if you want

Hey well done, I would say both songs have excellent quality for very rough cuts as you say! Enjoyed both, Mum and Dad is the best one but both are great. Excellent guitar and I like your voice too.

Let me know when you have more ok dude!

Would love an opinion on my stuff if you have time


Peace out dude cyberslunk