this is my set up, adobe audition, fruity loops, drumagog, a fast track m-audio recording interface.

right now i have everything hooked up im using my line 6 spider 3 to plug into the m-audio interface using the line out on the line 6 into the line in into the box, i have a cable going from the 1/8th inch jack output of the interface into my stereo's 18th inch in, im gettin sound through my stereo but im getting no sound whatsoever in adobe.

i have the audio settings in xp set to have the m-audio box to be the default for all audio, i also have it set in adobe to be the default for input and output, i have the output of the master channel in adobe to be set to stereo fast track, i just cant get adobe to get any sound from it at all.

sorry i made a new thread but ive messed with pretty much every sound setting in adobe and i cant figure it out.

if someone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.
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