Im interested in starting a career as an audio engineer, and I was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions or tips on how to get started or on getting my foot in the door somewhere. I thought about going to get a certificate at a local community college to learn the basics cause im pretty green. So any help or tips would be much appreciated.
No, but that's the kind of course I think you're looking for. Try and get onto a course at a specialised college rather than a local community; though it could be more expensive.
yea thats the only problem is the cost but that school is cheaper then the ones I was looking at
You should go to a big city school, such as NYC, LA, or Boston because this kind of job requires a lot of networking, an opportunity that is important to grasp while you're still a student.

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Being an audio engineer, I can give you some pointers:

get educated
do as much work as you can, starting with unpaid jobs, recording friends etc.
build up a portfolio
keep up with the latest technologies
be a nice guy (more important than you think)
create a network

ultimately i would say getting an education is the most important. through this you create a network, plus you have an option for an internship.

if you need more advice, PM me.
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