well.. my friend borrowed my external hard disk.. it was at around 320gb with the brand western digital.. then he told me that when they tried opening some files it was somehow corrupted and when they tried to scan the hard disk it was full of worms and viruses in which my friends computer got infected also... Now when I opened the hard disk it no longer contains the files that i stored and must been removed by the anti virus since it cannot clean it.. Now the problem is when i check the properties of the hard disk it still contains 60 gb but when i searched for all the files and folders including the hidden one it sums up to just around 1.8 gb.... I did not try formatting it yet since i still have hopes if i could restore the files... have you guys have any suggestion on what to do? or why my hard disk shows faulty information? anyway thanks in advance!
Ask your friend what he really did to your harddrive would be the first thing.
he got it from my other friend.. in which i think where the viruses came from in the first place/..
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Ask your friend what he really did to your harddrive would be the first thing.


If you can only see 1.8 gB out of 60, that doesn't sound kosher.
Talk to your friends about protecting themselves from viruses.
Sounds like you have a virus self replicating on the harddrive but as the files it creates are not real files it doesn't show until you go into it. So the only thing you can really do is first of all show all the hidden files to see if your files have been hidden and if they haven't you have got to format. I can't think of any other solution.

If after formating you still only have 60GB showing on available space you will have to scan hard disk for faulty sectors and try to repair them, if that fails buy a new 1.
if there are errors on the disk then i can show you false information about usage and such. just format it, cut your looses and move on. be thankful that its done completely dead (unless its on its way out already)
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