I play in a band and have a massive problem with my soloing, in that I just go with the feel of it, how I feel on the day and what I feel like playing. Which is all well and good but we're looking to record our songs and I don't really want to turn up and play something different to what we've recorded.

Does anyone have any advice on how I could learn a solo that I've played? I thought about videoing my fingers as I play but I'm not sure how useful that would be
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Just write a main solo for the song, sit and jam around with the band or on your own, and get a basic solo to record. live, use that solo as the basics and improvise from there
I have this exact same problem. What I do is just compile the main riffs and improve in between them. It also helps to go and take the time to TAB out your solos so you can see them and try o learn them exactly how you recorded them.
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How about remembering what it sounds like then tabbing it out?
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I always tab my original material when I'm trying to memorize the detailed parts. I like doing it in guitarpro because it lets me mess around with the song and make changes and hear how they sound at times when it's not possible to use a real guitar
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Does some sort of guitar auto-tab software exist?

No. Its impossible to do anywhere near reliably unless you managed to use midi.
What Steven Seagull said, You really should be able to remember what it sounded like and tab it from that if you have your guitar handy.
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I usually record something improvised, then listen back to it to pick out what I really liked. Usually once I play it back, I'm able to at least somewhat figure out what I was doing at that point. I find that way works pretty well for me.
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