So who has been watching this lately? I used to watch it but then got a little bored of it as it seemed like the same thing every week, but i have started watching this new series (the one with the Seinfield reunion), and its really good.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I love this series

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i have seen all them except for this weeks

good series and i was happy that the black family(black is there last name lol.) left but the brother stayed.

o man the brother is sooooo funny.

what a good show
song stuck in my head today

What a show. TS, you are a solid man, with an enormous penis, and I applaud both you and it.
I tried watching it before and after a few shows I gave up, wasn't interesting me.
I completely forgot to record last night's show.

I saw the 1st of this series but the rest I've missed

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It's pretty good. Quite a consistent show, seen the first two series.

One that springs to mind is when they go to the ex-pornstar's house for a dinner party, classic.