I've found this song that i recorded many months back on my laptop and i decided to post it online for others to hear. tell me what you think of it.

I may have messed up a tad on the mixing of the tracks for the song so im sorry if the volume levels are all outa whack...

and I recorded with a crappy mic. so the quality isnt perfect.

"If I am only to live briefly, well then I must act immediately"
i really like the vibe the piece has and the guitar playing doesnt sound too bad.. i just dont like the reverb levels on the vocals... for me they are way to high and makes them hard to understand.. you may want to try dialing this back a little bit.. the mixing otherwise isnt done too badly
thanks. yeah i was only experimenting with the FX on the vocals. I agree that i went a bit heavy with the reverb levels but i've always liked the sound of decaying vocals for some reason... but yeah ill probably go back and lighten up on the vocal tracks.