I recently spotted a Jackson RR3 that was made in Japan for arnd $ 800 ( I live in India...so my conversion isn't that accurate)

Anyways....I've been hearing alota stuff abt how screwed up Jackson guitars are after Fender bought the company and that there are alot of flaws in the majority of guitars assembled such as bad truss rod adjustment, shoddy fretwork etc. (on all models post 2007)

I need to know wt're ure opinions on this...cuz my choices are either a Jackson RR3., a Jackson KE3, a Cort EVL Z6 and an Ibanez Rg320/Ibanez 350 and an Ibanez VBT700
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I've played a few Japanese made Jacksons and own a DK2M and I have not come across any bad frets etc.....I think the Pro series offers good value for money
Corts are good guitars for the money, but have like zero resale value. Great if you can get one used though.

Even after Fender bought them, I'd still go Jackson over Ibanez any day of the week.
I have a Japan Jackson RR3 and trust me on this, I've been playing for years. These guitars are amazing. I've played guitars that cost way more than this and weren't as good.

No problems, no major ones anyway. If you can setup a floyd it's nothing, learning isn't that hard either. They are great guitars, good necks, good frets, amazing action.

Buy it!
I think your are talking about the crappy AKAI ERA Jackson's. Fender made the workmanship better when they bought jackson.

Go buy it you'll never regret buying it.
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I love my Jackson, thats all I have to say.
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Jackson's are one of the best made electric guitars in the world.
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