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Hey there,

Me and a couple of my friends started a band, which focuses on brutal and oldschool death metal, like Autopsy, Mortician, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Bloodbath, etc. We have some songs written, makin' demo's and shit. The only thing we are lacking is a proper band name. We can't decide on a good name, that would suit an oldschool-styled band and would not be taken.
Too bad, I'm the only drinker in the band, so I can't come up with one on my own. So here I am, asking you guys for help

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Amores Da Amaris





Kepo AD

lulz im just makin em from readin shit like quick reply n go advanced n shit, i actually came up with amores da amaris from this one chix name n its in spanish, if u guys play shit like ummmm idk... nightwish or somethn
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Asylum. I`m seriuos.

Kickass idea. But... Metal archives:
6. Asylium Alternate name/spelling(s): 13th Asylum
7. Asylum (Bra)
8. Asylum (Ger)
9. Asylum (Hrv)
10. Asylum (Ita)
11. Asylum (Mex)
12. Asylum (Pol) Alternate name/spelling(s): Louis Cypher, Guardian of Souls
13. Asylum (Swe) Alternate name/spelling(s): NegerAsylum
14. Asylum (UK)
15. Asylum (UK) Alternate name/spelling(s): Archaos
16. Asylum (US) Alternate name/spelling(s): Obstination, Unorthodox
17. Asylum (US) Alternate name/spelling(s): Apocalypse Dawn
18. Asylum (US)
19. Asylum (US)
20. Asylum (US)

Still kickass one, thanks
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A good old school brutal death Metal band name must be short and suggestive like "Bloodbath" (which is beyond awesome by the way), or longer but somewhat funny like "Cannibal Corpse".

And my idea is, you can easily borrow song names or lyrics from the bands mentioned above. It's legal and it makes a nice tribute. First thoughts:

- Eaten (first choice, best Bloodbath song in my opinion)
- Cadaveric Decomposition
- Cadaverous
- Iesous (another Bloodbath song)
- Breeding Death

Etc. Honestly, finding a death Metal band name is rather easy.

Edit: Just wanted to add that if I was to start a Death Metal band, I'd call it Eaten.
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Alternatively: Erasmus and the [something] or Wycliffe and the Lollards. 15th century (or thereabouts>_> England was so metal.
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this. Mecca is a freaking awesome name
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black screen

those were the firsts ones out of my head...
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Dead Nigger Storage.

It's a Pulp Fiction reference, I'm not racist >_>
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Dead Nigger Storage.

It's a Pulp Fiction reference, I'm not racist >_>

Pulp Fiction if the best I'd actually concider "Dead christian storage"
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Your avatar tells me you like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE though. I think that's pretty long too. But you're right, it does sound sh*t most of the time.
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Your avatar tells me you like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE though. I think that's pretty long too. But you're right, it does sound sh*t most of the time.

"queens of the stone age" isn't a sentence fragment.
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If I ever started a Stoner or Doom metal band it would be called that, but I don't see me doing that anytime soon, so if you want it you can use it.
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