As the title suggests this Marshall JVM 100W Head is going for £500 quid in my local music store, if bought would be used for metal.. good deal?
is t the 410 or the 210?
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I'm getting the 410h for £575

I'd say we both have good deals on the table

Although I saw a 410H go for £415 on ebay, 2 years old, had been gigged and with small tears in the tolex though...
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I'm just wondering if it would be a good amp for that scooped metal sound?
it would be good, but not as good as a Mesa dual rectifier or Mark series for that sound IMO
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^however it's a third of the price
it seems to be a pretty sweet deal tbh
go in and have a play on it
tbf it can get mesa like tones on the od2 channels
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