Hey everyone,
I just finished the first recording of my new song. Its got a rockish kind of feel to it but a little metal influence is in there.
Let me know what you think.

Ill go Crit For Crit with anyone and everyone.

The song is called "Honey Roy Palmer"
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I really like this a lot. It's exactly the kind of stuff I love listening to. Kudos, great work. Who is Honey Roy Palmer?
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heya thx for the crit - gotta say this is pretty awesome, and a great arrangement. yaa need to get a bass guitar with this for a more full sound imo

though I think a little metal influence is a bit of an understatement lol :P though it's not something I typically listen to all that often - and a direction that I typically try to avoid (as far as how the arrangement sounds compared to some signed artists)

but how exactly did you do the guitars? have you given thought to giving them and the drums a warmer tone? like with badabing I felt the guitars were alot more desirable, though the drums are a bit underwhelming as far as tone

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For someone who has studied to become a recording engineer I think the sound quality, and partly the mixing, on that was below par. You've got no bass going on, the mids are killing everything and the lead guitar is too upfront. It's not a bad tune and it's competently played but the mix (and possibly the recording) doesn't do it justice.
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Hey man, good job, enjoyed the tune. You are a very good player, really enoyed both the riff and the melody. Good Quality recording too. Went on to listen to your other songs too, very good great riffs keep up the good work!!

Would love your opinion on my songs if you have the time thanks.


Peace out

I listened to it again, because I really liked it the first time I agree with the above statements. It's well played and a cool song, and is held back by the production value. If something has to be your weakest point however, production value should be it if you're a regular guy trying to record yourself like most of us.
Andy Fox
Hard rock guitarist
I play a Jackson DK-2 and an Ibanez RG through a Peavey 6505+ stack