I'm gonna buy my 2nd Electric Guitar!!!

My budget is under $400...

So my 1st 2 choices are these!!!

Can u guyz give me any suggestion regarding these 2???

Or is there ne other Gr8 Guitar like these [Aggressive Look] under $400...

amp? styles of music is going to be metal, I assume?
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amp and genre you play.
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amp and genre you play.

i want your guitars!!!
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Actually I'm running a litte low...

My AMP is a handmade one...

And Genre... Alter Metal... Hard Rock... Heavy Metal... And sum Alter Rock stuffzzz!!!

Beside that... I'm playing as a Riff Guitarist in a Melodic Death Metal Band!!!

So mixed Genre!!!
I might sell my Explorer Goth > With a floyd

About £190
Your most probs from America! tho.
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I say the Epi Goth Explorer it's a far better guitar and the better choice out of the two. The LTD EX 260 is mediocre low end model at best. I just tried one out that was listed on Craigs list for $125.00 it was garbage. It looked mint but as soon as I got it in my hands I knew I would be passing on it, it just felt cheesy and cheap. I thought of buying it and just reselling it for a profit to some newbie that couldn't tell a good guitar from a bad guitar but I knew it would come back on me eventually. I have owned several Epi Explorers and tried 100s of LTDs and they never quite cut it. They are a cheap versions of ESPs and never come close to the quality of an ESP. Your better off buying the cheapest ESP over an expensive LTD any day. Epis get a bad rap and IMHO do not deserve it. I play a lot of guitar and buy and sell all the time in order to fund my collection. Epi is a better made guitar and close to Gibson quality and tone where LTD is nothing like ESP.

im sorry john, but i completly disagree. in fact im on the other side. i feel like the epi is a cheap copy of the gibson. the ltd ex 260 is a fantastic guitar. i own an 04 model with emgs and real mohagany. i dont know how good the new ones are, but mine was a steal at 200 of c list. try to get an early 2000's model and you have yourself a fine guitar
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