Hey guys, I'm kinda new here, wonderin' if you have anything to say for me on this.

Kay, so I'm in this band that I do most of the music for, and we're workin' on this one song that I have this solo idea for, and the I'm hearin' it, in my head, I guess, is a kind of latinish solo, about 3 or 4 measures long, kind of in place of the chorus, but I guess that's not really important to you guys. =) Anyways, the way I'm hearin' it, the guitar's got kind of a thin-ish tone, not as big as an acoustic guitar if you know what I mean, really small sound. It's not as roomy as an acoustic (again, if you know what I mean), but it has that kind of feel. No distortion or anything, but kind of a thin, almost weak tone, you know?

So, what I'm askin for are sugestions for what I should dial in on the amp to get that kind of tone. I can go into a little more detail if you need me to, but if you know what I'm sayin', some advice amp-wise would really be appreciated. My guitarist has a multi-effects pedal too if you think I'd need that. Thanks. =)