I recently picked up an M-Audio ProFire 610. I had intended to get Pro Tools 8 to work with it. I primarily am interested in recording audio. I'm not interested in MIDI beyond laying down some drum tracks. It's for this reason that I'm interested in Pro Tools over other options, as it seems to be the best for audio.

However, I'm a little mystefied at the lack of support for 64-bit OS's. My impression is that audio software is a memory hog, and the only way you can get a program to access more than 2 or 3GB of RAM is to have a 64-bit OS.

I have a Core i7 system with 8GB of RAM and I don't intend to drop to vista 32 just to make pro tools happy.

Their site says that although they do not officially support vista x64 they have not had any 'major' issues with it.

My question is, has anyone used pro tools m-powered 8 with vista x64? Does it work fine? Also, are there any good DAW programs that work well in 64-bit? I'd prefer software with a heavier emphasis on audio recording over MIDI.