Hello.. sorry if this has been asked before...

I've been playing for 2 years now... and I want to learn theory to improve my original work... So far all I know are a few chord names... what each note is called (I usually take a couple of seconds to know).. and of course... the pentatonic scale...

So any recommended books.. dvds... methods... that will help me learn theory fast?

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Guitar columns on here, they are well written and really easy to understand. They helped me to know end and i'm still going through them

There is also the Crusade columns on here which is another series for teaching music theory.
take a music theory class in school if you're in high school and they offer that class. i'm taking one this year, and it's really helping.
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For applied theory on DVD I would suggest the course call Guitar In 60 Seconds. You will become a better player while learning theory.

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write out your chords and scales repeatedly from the formulae, and apply each yo the neck, them improvise so you know hop to apply in the reall world.
There is only one way to learn music theory... and it is not through guitar tutorial dvds.

You learn it through years of hard work. I played the piano and flute for years before I started on the guitar and I'm not suggesting that you take a decade out of your life, but it really helps to get a more global perspective of musical theory rather than 'this is the different possitions I can play an A dorian mode in'

Read sheet music, learn about key signitures, etc.
the Assosiated Board theory exams are perfect, although i'm not sure if the, or equivelent exams, exist outwith the UK. I only did a couple of grades, but it totally opens up your understanding of what chords are related to each other and so forth.
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