Hey! I recently saw a performance and it was not very catchy. I'm wondering what kind of songs is really catchy as in looks wise. To make it seem really cool and interesting to play. The kind where audiences can just go "wow this is interesting or this guy can do some cool stuff". IMO it can really enhance the performance a lot, firstly by gaining the attention of the audiences and secondly to put the guitarist in a better light where he gains some respect from the audience who sees his flashy stuff.

Any ideas for flashy songs to "show off" on stage?
Tapping always seems very impressive to the audience, as long as it's fast and you use 2 hands.
That's true. but songs in general can seem like a few simple rifts. Say for example a metal song like Holy War by Megadeth. It seems really simple. But take for example something from Avenged Sevenfold, it seems to be more flashy. more showy in comparison. I will be performing soon and i hope to be able to do some impressive songs, but they need not be hard.
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Holy War seems simple?
Even by today's standards, that song is pretty all over the place for a thrash metal song.

To me Holy Wars seem pretty simple and i can play it without difficulty and i don't think it's very flashy IMO. I would think that for a performer who is starting to play in front of an audience i would want to impress them first
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so you want aesthetics..but not necessarily any music talent?

Music talent can come along with certain harder songs but there are certainly songs which are flashy and have music talent involved as well. I would think that some songs are really complex but don't look that hard to play. It just like how people think something is really easy till they try it. It doesn't really blow them away at the moment cause it seems easy and they'll just be like "this is a normal performance."
i think i'm looking at something like dream theater stuff, progressive music with very interesting solos while not being entirely hard at the same time! i don't know if that's possible or not :p
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Just pick some early Dream Theater songs or some Train of Thought era songs and then learn how to move and play at the same time.
Aesthetics are never the primary focus of the true musician, the music should always come first. If all you want is to dazzle your crowd with showboating, then learn a Michael Batio piece or something and just tap and sweep until they think you're amazing.
If you want to be a musician, then just play what is fun to you.
Indeed. Good show chaps.

Anyways, I do this in one of my bands original songs and I think it works quite well: finger tap parts that can easily be played with normal fretting and picking. lolololol, gets em everytime. Especially if you're a bass player.
Play this, over and over, as fast as you can. People will poop themselves.


Alternately, play music that you actually like to play, like Magero is suggesting, and if it happens to be flashy, so be it. If not, have fun with it. Odds are, if you have fun playing, and you're not just a terrible performer, the audience will have fun too. Its all about personality.

I think you should choose the first option. Ignore my sensible advice.