If I wanted to have a combination of Molotov Solution, The Crimson Armada, and Veil of Maya, what tuning do you think would be the best? I figured since drop A is so low it would make leads sound muddy and if it was in Drop C, the rhythm wouldn't be as heavy as I want it to be. I was recording with my band and the guy who was recording us said that I shouldn't play in drop B because it is a half step down and I got confused. Any help?
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Or seriously try Drop A# , since all the other seem to dissappoint you. Or maybe, try to drop very low, and the other guitarist keep his guitar high enough for the lead, or vice-versa. Like Drop A for you and Drop D for him, I don't know, standard E is doing all the job I need.
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B standard.
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Tuning has no difference in how heavy you will sound, just how low or high the notes are...
Tuning, as has been said, doesn't define how heavy something is: the style of writing does.

But if you want low tuned sounds with high leads, why not get a seven string? Get the low B and high E, could even drop the bottom string to get drop A with 6 higher strings still in E standard for the leads.
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Tuning doesn't really affect how brutal you guitar can get (gojira plays D standard but they are heavier than hell), it characterize your style so it's just about the series of notes you play
If you fear solos would be too muddy using a dropB/dropA tuning than use an extended range guitar (7 or 8 string)
Play in whatever tuning you want. Tuning doesn't define the style.
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Whats wrong with good 'ol standard and half-step down?
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It might not be the most important factor, but a lower tuning certainly can't hurt when trying to achieve brutality...

I've never tried anything lower than drop C myself, I think you'd need a specially set up guitar for anything lower than that, as the strings just get too loose on a normally set up guitar, even with high gauge strings.

One thing I like to do when playing death metal is experiment with alternate tunings, such as CGDGBE, or CGCGCE a la Devin Townsend. This solves the problem of muddy leads, and I also find it helps you to come up with riffs you wouldn't or couldn't have done otherwise.
You dont need uber-low tuning for heaviness. Death and Necrophagist use(d) D standard and theyre heavy. Tuning low just means that you can hit lower notes. An A is still going to sound like an A whether youre in standard or drop F.
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The "half step down" he was referring to was probably the fact that Drop B is, in fact, drop C tuned down half a step. Essentially this would mean everything is offset by one fret from drop C. I guess this might confuse you if you memorize songs based on the fret markers. Maybe that's what he meant.
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