Was just wondering how when a band is recording they get a huge bass sound at the start of a breakdown.

Songs that have this BMTH use this all the time at the start of a breakdown, such as in Chelsea smile and Architects have it at the start of the breakdown in early grave.

I remember as well when I saw Dream Theater live about a month ago they had a piece of equipment on the drum kit that just emitted what sounded like a brown note every time it was hit. When the they kept hitting it during the drum battle it began to become quite uncomfortable haha. What is that?

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maybe a yamaha sub kick
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It's called a bass drop, or sub hit. They are usually triggered by the drummer. I'm not really sure how the samples are created.
Usually just a standard 808 trigger.
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look up the roots of this fabulous sound
sub drop, sub bass, bass drop, sub kick.
whatever you want to call it this is the roots.
If you're using a commercial DAW like FL Studio , it might have this sample set listed under the 808 name. If not you can probably find a sample somewhere online. I've never had to look.
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Whats wrong with asking a girl what kind of cheese she likes?

^ That's definitely one of the best sub drops I've ever heard. I have a bunch of tweaked 808 samples but none of 'em are quite that good. Thanks!
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