Im trying to slow down a movie without changing the pitch. I couldnt do it on Windows Movie Maker or audacity. How do i do it and what program do i need?
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The sound won't sync if you do that.

Couldn't you just slow it down and mute the sound, or replace it?

well i could replace it but i dont know how to put them together.
If you made your own movie you could talk twice as slow/fast and then speed it up/slow it down

But you are not doing that so i dont know.
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Slow it down with Movie Maker
Stick the slowed-down sound into audacity
Increase pitch by however much you slowed the film down by (for example, if slowed to half speed, increase by an octave)
Export as MP3
Stick onto slowed-down film

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Easiest method is Adobe Premiere Pro

Right click the clip, Speed/Duration, select whatever percentage you wish to slow it and make sure to check 'Maintain Audio Pitch' or else you'll have skipped the most important step. The program renders the rest.

EDIT: If I remember correctly, movie maker slows video down by 2 or 3 presets and nothing more/less. Premiere will let you speed it up to 10,000% of the original clip or whatever speed you want in the end. If you know exactly how much the video is in length after the process, you MAY be able to duplicate that time length and slow the audio down separately. I've never tried so I cannot say it will work.
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Audacity? No shit Sherlock! That's for audio, not video...and for editing audio, you select "Change Tempo". That changes the tempo and not the pitch.
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