can anyone tell me the strumming pattern for "living next door to alice" by smokie?
also what songs are good for beginners that use a variety of chords and have a good strumming pattern?

Can't help you with the strumming pattern for that song, but some good beginner songs for strumming would be Tribute by Tenacious D. The chorus to that song defined my strumming pattern quite a bit. If you wanna make it interesting learn Pinball Wizard by The Who. Might want to take that one slow at first. Oh and Everlong by Foo Fighters. Oh and Time Consumer by Coheed and Cambria. Those are the ones that helped me a lot.

As far as learning strumming patterns go, learn to listen to the song and figure out the strumming while you listen. Keep a continuous up/down strum going to the rhythm of the song and work on figuring out which spots you have a rest or chop.