so I've reached an intermediate stage of playing and am learning different scales all the way down the fret board. My dilemma is that there are so many scales that it boggles my brain just imagining trying to learn them. So if anyone can post what the most used scales are it would be great!! and if anyone has tips on incorporating the scales into my shredding I would also appreciate it
use the search bar. i joined these forums 2 weeks ago and this is like the 50th thread with almost the exact same title.

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use the search bar
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you dont learn the thousands of scales, thats a fail way of doing it.
learn the major scale, but LEARN it. not just the boxes, but memorize the intervals between each step that makes it up. then, once you know that, you manipulate the intervals to get to the scale that you want. a simple example of that is flatting the 3rd,6th, etc... to get the natural minor scale.
as long as you know the interval formula for the major scale and the interval formula for whatever other scale you want to know, you can play it.
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Learn the major scale. Most other scales are derived from it, so once you learn that, you will grasp new scales much more easily.
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Major scale. Nearly every other scale is derivative of the major. So learn the major through and through, and then you will understand the other scales. For example, the minor scale is just the major scale starting at the 6th degree. The harmonic minor is just that same minor scale with the 7th note raised a half-step. The pentatonic scales are composed of select notes from the major scale. Blah, blah blah... learn the major scale.
Like everyone else said, learn the major scale.. it seems overwhelming at first, once you realize how all of the scales you're looking at relate to a major scale it starts to sink in
99% of music you'll ever hear is based on the major and minor scales. Learn them inside and out before trying to learn other scales. Its fine to learn random patterns for fun, but don't expect them to be useful.