Hi dudes!

I just bought a Line6 Pod X3 and I'm trying to use it along with POD Farm - this is where the trouble appears.

I have installed every single update/driver there is to my X3, via Line6 Monkey. When I open POD Farm (the lastest version ofc) there is a message at the bottom of the program saying:

"No authorized device connected. POD Farm cannot process audio".

The thing is that the computer and Line6 Monkey can find the X3. Even POD Farm can find it, (I think), because when I click "Help" -> "Hardware and driver settings" there's a whole bunch of options for the X3, so it's obvious that POD Farm knows that my X3 is connected.

Did I mention that the X3 is connected to an integrated USB 2.0 port on the motherboard?

Hope you can help me, anything is appreciated. Cheers!
is this your initial install? then reboot like 311 said.

Line6 hardware acts as a dongle. I don't remember the exact process, but I do recall the provided instructions being pretty clear. do you still have all your paperwork?
It was my initial install. I have reinstalled all the software now (POD Farm, the drivers for my X3 .. even Line6 monkey) and the problem is still there.

When I start up POD Farm (with my X3 connected and turned on) I get this message:

"No compitable Line 6 USB device have been detected.

Run POD Farm as if the following device were connected"
and then there is 12 options (no POD x3 tho) to choose between.

I have all the paperwork for the X3.. but what do you mean? Is the actual X3 locked or something?
I realized that I have the standalone edition, how do I get the plug-in that is needed for my X3? It looks like you get both standalone and plug-in in the same install but I can't find how to start the plug-in. The shortcut that's created in the install is for the standalone only.