My brother's got a Cruiser RG600 sat in his room. He's not playing it and i'm looking for a project guitar. The neck feels pretty nice and i'm sure after a set-up it will play like a dream. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any clue what wood it's made of? or if they could find out. I haven't been able to turn anything up, which leads me to believe most likely Plywood or MDF. It'll be a Metal guitar (my Vintage VS6 is eventually gonna cover almost everything else) so with actives installed, the body wood won't do too much harm.

All help accepted.
scratch some paint off in the control cavity, or take pic of the neck pocket.
Then we can easily identify it.
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checked the makers site its basswood
http://www.crafterguitars.com/ found it here
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A guitar made of wood?
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