Poll: Zoom G1 or Korg AX3G?
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Zoom G1
2 33%
Korg AX3G
4 67%
Voters: 6.
I want to buy multieffect. I need it for modulations and spacial effects, such as delay, chorus, compressor, noise gate, reverb, flanger. Which of these two (Zoom G1/Korg AX3G) would be the best one? I don't want amp/dist/cab simulations, so I should can turn them off.

Please help.
The zoom..........but only because I have one
Gear too embarrassing too talk about
I've never owned a G1 but I have had an AX3G. It will do a good job for what you want. The distortions are pretty good too, so you may ended up using them as well.