Alright guys.
Im studying to be an audio engineer at uni and Im trying to build up a portfolio of recordings that I've mixed/mastered for future clients to listen to.

So, if you have a song recorded (at a reasonable quality) and can send me all the seperate tracks (vocals, guitars, bass drums etc) I will mix and master your song completely free.

The only catch is that I get to use the finished mix in a porfolio (either offline or online).
I'll obviously credit you and I'll gladly link to your site.

Anyone interested can post here or email at skitgraves@gmail.com
I will have something done in about two weeks ish, its more hard/death core than anything though. Would you still be down?
Mine will be done in a few weeks. I'll send it before the end of November though. Is that ok?
Thats fine guys, if you just email me the tracks when youre ready.

Just to put a date out there, lets say I'll accept songs until the end of the month (November).
I have a littly thingy recorded (like some kind of bridge/solo break that i just wrote to show UG) It's only like 40 seconds long... Is it ok if you get the tracks (bass, drums, guitars, synth) by next weekend?
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